Development Partners

Development partners who have stake in the sector and contributing for the development efforts are many; and just to mention the upfront ones:

Ministry of Agriculture :-MoA is one of the major partners contributing meaningfully for the development of the sector through extension services for the beekeepers and institutional capacity building of EAB, and supporting its development programmes as well.

Ministry of Industry:-MoI is the another government body that have great interest in the sector and again can contribute a lot for the development of the sector through facilitation of license for the board, supporting the board to discharge its responsibilities, supporting the companies (processing units) to move in the desired directions, facilitating export etc.

Ministry of Trade :-MoT is also one of the relevant government sectors that has considerable stake in the sector. It is contributing for the institutional development of the board through providing office space and services, facilitating trade activities of bee products etc.

Cooperatives Agency :-Coops Agency is one of the government bodies which have considerable stake in the development of the sector. It has decisive role in organizing beekeepers, training them on various production and management issues, facilitating markets . etc

Investment Agency :- This government body also takes a stake because it has a facilitation role for investment in the sector image55which can be basis for the development of the sector.

Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority :- ERCA has positive role in facilitating export market and import of necessary goods for the investment; hence for the growth of the sector.

Research Centers and Universities

Research centers such as HBRC, Andassa, SARI … etc are government based institutions contributing a lot for the achievement of our objectives through research activities on bee health, beekeeping management, production and productivity, input quality etc and providing training for the actors.

Universities are one of themajor partners in the endeavor to improve the sector. In the first place, we are working together to produce future professional beekeepers who will be models in the sector and trainers for the beekeeping community.Bahir Dar University designed its curriculum for Mscprogram in apiculture and first batch students are underway for their second degree in apiculture.This is really great contribution for the development of the sector.

Second, most of other universities with agricultural department are undertaking various types of studies in the apiculture sector.A valuable study carried out by Axum University on illegal trading in honey sector can be mentioned here as an example.


The development partners in the NGO sector that are interested in the apiculture sector and without support of whom all current achievements in the sector were impossible are:

SNV Ethiopia :– SNV Ethiopia or Netherlands Development Organization is the International NGO that comes up front in its dedicated effort to improve the honey sector. It is the major development partner working consistently and meaningfully in the sector for the improvement of the same. SNV intervene in a strategic manner in the process of honey sector development including investment in institutional building.

GIZ/CIM/SLM:- German Technical Cooperation, German Re-integration Program and Sustainable Land Management are investing in the sector in two directions. GIZ /CIM are contributing for the development of the sector through provision of technical staff for the national and regional offices of EAB to improve coordination role of the apex body. GIZ/SLM invests in the sector through supporting the beekeepers at the grass root level to improve their household income.

AGP-AMDe/ACDI-VOCA :- AGP-AMDe/ACDI-VOCA is interested in the improvement of market in the sector. Therefore, it is working in market promotion, linkages and capacity development of companies.

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