Ethiopian Apiculture Board (EAB) is a Private Public Partnership (PPP) organization to coordinate development activities in the honey sector. It has been launched on February 6, 2009 at the UN Economic Commission for Africa Conference Centre in Addis Ababa. Eighty six stakeholders participated in the launching meeting and the Minister of Agriculture has accepted to be the Patron of the Board.

EAB is a multi-stakeholder platform that coordinates development efforts within the value chain and promotes collaboration among the different actors in the chain. The Board is also a platform for public-private partnership where policy issues can be discussed and agreed upon.

Currently the elected chairperson of EAB is from the private sector. The Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Trade are three government bodies which EAB is working with. Government organizationssuch as Standards Authority, Conformity Assessment Enterpriseand Investment Agency are important partners in the sector and market development process.

The Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), GIZ/SLM and AGP-AMDe are major partners supporting the institutional development of the EAB and its important development projects.


Ethiopia is a leading producer and exporter of quality bees products that contribute to household income and to the national economy




The EAB aspires to promote sustainable apiculture development that enhances peoples livelihoods and protects the natural environment, at the same time combating climate change in line with bee forage development. Accordingly, the EAB will strive and plan to achieve

  • Sector actors coordination
  • Capacity building of members organizations
  • Creation of conducive environment for sector business, production and knowledge development
  • Effective primary commitment development of EHBPEA & EBA and facilitatation of their organizational development
  • Mobilization of resources for the sector development


Core Values

  1. Uphold the highest standard of accountability, efficiency, competence, integrity and transparency in the provision of services in the apiculture sector
  2. Promote collaborative action among actors in apiculture sector, and the various other stakeholders in the sector
  3. Build an efficient and trusted working environment among the actors
  4. Promote shared interest with cooperating partners and other actors based on the principles of transparency, mutual respect and accountability
  5. Cooperate, when requested, with any investigation into alleged breaches of relevant codes of conduct.

Guiding Principles


  1. Promote peoples livelihood – centered approach to apiculture development
  2. Promote result – and impact oriented development interventions
  3. Mainstream gender and enhance the role of women involvement in all programs of apiculture
  4. Strengthen resource mobilization, community ownership and accountability to target community/association/partner
  5. Build accountable governance throughout the EAB structure, and move the development of the structure to the grass root level (Region, Zone, Woreda) and to the association level
  6. Help to establish hierarchical and accountable bottom-to-top beekeepers structures (associations, producer groups, cooperatives)
  7. Strengthen networking, collaboration and alliance with other related actors (local, national and international organizations) in the apiculture sector.



  • Create conducive policy environment
  • Enhance sector promotion and marketingCoordinate development efforts in the sector
  • Foster international relations & linkages Contribute for an increase in production & productivity
  • Contribute for quality production & safety issue

Now the board is working in collaboration with relevant partners and all stakeholders to move the sector and meet its objectives. All stakeholders are invited to join us to contribute to and learn from the development process.