Potential of the Sector

Apiculture in Ethiopia is an age-old cultural practice that has been exercised for its nutritional, medicinal value and as an income generating activity. Ethiopia, endowed with the highest bee colonies and diversified flora, is the leading producer of honey in Africa and one of the largest honey producing countries in the globe. The country has over 10 million bee colonies and 1.8 million smallholder actors (apiculturalists) which need appropriate intervention for the desired improvement. This is because only 10%  of the country’s potential is utilized.

This is why the need came to organize EAB, as an apex body of the apiculture sector, to facilitate rapid growth of the sector through value chain approach. The leadership of the board is comprised of representatives of EHBPEA, EBA, Producer’s Cooperatives, MoA,MoI, NGOs and Knowledgeable person/consumers addressing each segment of the value chain in the sector.


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